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Growing up as a child in Haiti, Marie’s father was influential in her becoming an entrepreneur. She discovered that she loved styling hair at a really young age, was really good at it and decided to make it profession.  Marie speaks 3 languages -Creole, French, and English. She has lived in Germany, Switzerland, France, and The Caribbean Islands.


 After relocating from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 1984, where she worked at various salons where most people had borders, Marie decided to open her own salon in 2002. “Madu” was a term of endearment her favorite aunt called Marie as a child which means “my love” in Creole. She also chose the name Madu because she wanted to create a salon environment where everyone feels welcome without sacrificing his or her integrity. In her experiences as a stylist, Marie was acutely aware of the lack of salons that did not cater to natural curly hair. These salons were more interested in taming what they thought was unruly natural hair. So, she decided to open her own salon with skilled professionals who are well trained with an outgoing personality and express appreciation for their craft.

 Marie is an advocate for continuing advanced training for her and the stylists in the salon. Her mission is to teach each client how to take care and develop a relationship with their hair so it’s no longer a source of panic and despair.

 MaduSalon is known in the naturally curly hair community as the go-to place for curly hair throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.


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