About Us


“Madu” is a term of endearment in Creole meaning “my love, my sweet, my heart”. In contemporary culture, “my do” is an intimate expression of a person’s core being—it’s all about the hair!

At Madu, these elements converge to create a salon which provides a dynamic and uplifting experience. It starts with the love of hair, specifically the wild, untamed variety and ends with styles that express the beauty and individuality of each of our guests.

Madu salon is the go-to place for natural and naturally curly hair attracting guests nationwide and globally. Our highly skilled stylists honor that diversity with the utmost respect. Madu offers an industry-leading salon, Deva-Inspired stylists accompanied by state-of-the-art natural hair care products and is the BEST CURLY HAIR salon in San Francisco.

While we specialize in curly, wavy, and natural hair, we celebrate all hair types in its glorious forms and textures, from long and silky, to cropped and thick. Our expertise means that you can count on us to amplify and enhance the beauty that is You—the You when you arrive and the You when you leave.

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